Welcome to Alpaca City πŸ¦™

A Miracle City Where DeFi Meets Alpaca

Every Tale Has A Beginning πŸ“š

Once upon a time, the founders of Alpaca City discovered this Alpacadia by chance when they voyaged through the Blockchain Ocean 🌊. They encountered for the first time, the most mysterious and beautiful crypto-species, Alpacacino πŸ¦™. Those rare creatures are not only adorable on their own, but can also generate yields through their unique Alpa Energy. Now as the foundation of the city has been solidified on the Ethereum blockchain β›“, Alpaca City decides to open its door to the outside world 🌏. The city welcomes its future residents regardless of the amount of assets they hold while hundreds and thousands of Alpacacinos await their future shepherdsπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ§‘β€πŸ’».

Meet Our Alpadorable Friends πŸ¦™

Alpacacino is a rare and fascinating species with a wide variety of genetic traits 🧬. Their distinct traits not only make each Alpacacino unique but also signify their different Energy levels.

  • By letting your Alpacacinos manage your asset, you will be eligible to receive ALPA, the official utility token of Alpaca City, as rewards.

  • ALPA will be distributed among all Alpacacinos based on the amount of assets they manage and their level of Energy. The more assets they manage, and the higher Energy they have, the more ALPA they will produce.

  • The Alpaca Energy is set at birth, but higher generations of Alpacinos tend to have higher Energy. This might be why most Alpacacinos quite enjoy making babies. πŸ˜‰

As a citizen of Alpaca City, you will have the chance to own your one-of-a-kind Alpacacino and grow your own unique Alpa-herd soon.

ALPA β€” City’s Essential Utility Token πŸ’°

ALPA is the essential utility token in Alpaca City. It has the following functions:

  • Power two Alpacas to make babies πŸ‘Ό. ALPA spent will be collected by the protocol.

  • Stake in and earn a majority portion of the fees collected by the protocol. The remaining will go to a dev fund to ensure the sustainability of the project.

  • More features coming soon…

Alpattractions β€” Tour the city now 🚠

Visit https://alpaca.city to tour the city. More alpattractions under construction …… πŸ› 

  • Farm πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ: A place for residents to earn ALPA. Farm ALPA tokens with your adorable Alpaca and breed little Alpaca with ALPA tokens to help you farm more.

  • Bank 🏦: The central bank of Alpaca City welcomes residents to deposit their on-chain assets in the vaults. The Bank manages funds efficiently by offering various strategies, aiming to offer the highest yield for Alpacacinos.

  • Central Stations πŸš‰:

Alpaca City Hall (Discord) β€” https://discord.io/AlpacaCity

The Alpaca Public Library (Github) β€” https://github.com/AlpacaCity

Alpa Local Radio (Twitter) β€” https://twitter.com/CityAlpaca

Alpa Community Center (Telegram) β€” https://t.me/AlpacaCity

Alpaca Gallery (Instagram) β€” https://instagram.com/CityAlpaca

Bulletin Board (Medium) β€” https://medium.com/AlpacaCity

Alpaca City Digest (Newsletter) β€” https://alpaca.substack.com/

We and all the Alpacacinos are looking forward to seeing you all, the future residents of Alpaca City. Join our Discord Now to get the latest updates!