Introducing Alpaca City Guide πŸ“œ

Welcome to Alpaca City future shepherds!

I’m Kalpacam, one responsible, beautiful citizen of Alpaca City. πŸ¦™ I will be your guide to our miracle land where hundreds and thousands of Alpacacinos like me are waiting for you to become their shepherds. My fluffy friends and I have prepared for you a City Guide which covers some of the important info you need to start your adventure. πŸ“œ

In this 1st edition of our City Guide, you will learn about the science behind our mysterious Alpaca Gene 🧬, which determines how we look and make each of us unique. You will also gain some level of understanding for the concept of Energy ⚑ which is important to us all. Last but not least, you will learn about the breeding rules in our city and begin planning how to grow your own Alpa-herd! πŸ¦™

πŸ” Find out more about the city guide below and we will keep updating it!

PS. Here’s a bonus meme for y’all from one of our future shepherds:

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Yours sincerely,

Kalpacam and all the beloved Alpacacinos

Also don’t forget to check out our Central Stations! πŸš‰