Alpaca Weekly News β€” Nov 6th, 2020

Hi Alpaca City Residents!

Alpaca City is still growing strong this week and we are all in this together! πŸ’ͺ Here is a recap on our important events and achievements from the passing week:

  • Oct. 28th Alpaca City Guide was updated to a more detailed version. Take a look at it when you are free and check out all the fun new things! πŸ“œ

  • Oct. 29th According to the community poll, we decided to maintain the total supply of Gen0 Alpacas to 10,000 in order to ensure they are RARE.

  • Oct. 30th We released the updated rules for our FIRST and ONLY ALPA Token Presale. Special thanks to @fonship @Josh_Rager subhuti and many others who provided the feedback!

  • Oct. 30th Alpaca City first’s Halloween celebration! Two special Alpacacinos were introduced: Pump & Kin, the spook-tacular Rare Alpaca twins. They eventually found home with the winners of our Discord Invite Competition and the Meme Contest. Huge congrats to the lucky shepherds! πŸŽƒ

  • Oct. 31st Alpaca City tour on Mobile too? No problem! We were now listed in TokenPocket Wallet.

  • Oct. 31st Alpaca city is listed on @BitKeepOS wallet! Special thanks to the support from our community!

  • Oct. 31st Chinese blog site was launched. #MrWorldWide πŸš€

  • Nov. 1st First ever MMA flight had started. Two fighters, Albiden and Trumpaca, both with an energy level of 2020, were hosting two separate auctions on OpenSea to choose their shepherds. Albiden was eventually sold for 5 ETH and Trumpaca was sold for 5.25 ETH!!!

  • Nov. 2nd We are now in @imTokenOfficial wallet! πŸ’°

  • Nov. 2nd ALPA Token Pre-sale was launched, and 1.8 million ALPA token was sold out within 15 minutes. ~60% of token raised (586.249 ETH) and 1,080,000 ALPA token were added to Uniswap liquidity pool and locked on Unicrypt.

  • Nov. 2nd Two hours after the Pre-sale, community token airdrop was launched and ALPA was distributed to all AlpacaπŸ¦™ holders.

  • Nov. 2nd The Breeding and Staking features of Alpaca City went live on our website!

  • Nov. 4th We ranked β„–3 on OpenSea collectible category! πŸ†

Current distribution of all Alpacas based on their energy level.