Alpaca Weekly News — Nov 21, 2020

Hi Alpaca City Residents,

If you haven’t got Alpacas I feel bad for you son (shout out to @xbrucethegoose). Getting listed and taking names? Alpacacino does it all. Join us and check out the recap of the passing week.

  • Nov 12 $ALPA was listed on Monetora:

  • Nov 12 $ALPA is live on Nomics:

  • Nov 15 Alpaca City was listed on @dapp_review.

  • Nov 15 After a community discussion with many members yesterday around the fairness of the game, we decided to release the Alpaca Recycle feature to the city. We believe the method could mainly help the new users to have a better chance to get better Alpacas, and restrain overall Alpaca population, increase Alpaca NFT value.

  • Nov 18 Coindex rated Alpaca City with the score 4.4 out of 5. Check the review here:

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