10 Facts That Are Little Known About Alpacacinos 🦙

Fluffy! Charming! Quirky! Despite all their dewy-eyed faces, Alpacacinos are a species of mystery. Here are 10 facts that are little known about our furry friends in this miracle city. 🌆

  1. THEY are gender neutral. (pronoun: they/them)

  2. Their favorite movie is “Alpacalypse Now”. 📽️

  3. 12 genetic traits and 48 genes make an Alpacacino Alpacacino. 🧬

  4. Every Alpacacino gets their good looks from their parents, except for generation 0. Those are just heaven-sent my G.

  5. Alpacacinos get tired after giving birth to babies. Usually they need 24 hours break in between. It will cost you more ALPA if you push them into making multiple babies in one day. 💰

  6. Their favorite meme is “sex is good and all but have you ever tried to breed in ALPA?”

  7. Alpacacino’s energy level is solely related to the traits and generations.

  8. Mo’ energy, Mo’ yields. 💵

  9. Alpacacinos are fun buddies who always want to be around you. They expect you to do the same too. 🤗

  10. Ain’t no llama or alpaca debate y’all. Just Alpacacino! 😎

With the technology we have, we are now able to decode some genetic models to show you how your Alpacacinos might look like:

Image for post

We know you might be curious about our development timeline. Here are a few things you can expect from us over the next few weeks:

  • Alpaca City Guide will be released soon — It contains all the information about how the city is built and being run 📜

  • Presale 1.0 will start next week — The very first batch of alpaca will be ready for community member to adopt 🦙

  • The Farm will be released later— You can start to farm with LP tokens and earn ALPA token. The APY will depend on the Alpacacinos you own 💰

  • The Bank will be released later— Another place that gives you returns on stablecoins 🏦

Stay tuned through our Central Stations! 🚉